Welcome to HoF's  30  chart! Every day another slot....

House Of Fun Welcome to HoF’s 30 chart! Every day another slot….

Welcome to HoF’s 🔝 3️0️ 🎰 chart! Every day another slot.
What will be No. 26? Who’ll squeeze into the Top 10? 🤔

Tune in every day, find out & play for yourself! https://r.houseoffuns.com/mobile/redirect.php?deeplink=eyJhYyI6ImdpZnRfY291cG9uIiwiZHQiOnsiZ2MiOiJnY182MjRhYTlhMzQ1MDFhIiwiZSI6MTY0OTY2NTA1OSwidCI6MSwidiI6MjAwfSwieCI6IiJ9&hof_s=504&hof_c=2022M4D4_19

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