HoFsters, meet another Support Hero: Ginger...

House Of Fun HoFsters, meet another Support Hero: Ginger…


Ginger is a mix of sugar 🍬 spice 🌶️ and everything overwhelmingly-nice 🧸.
She loves reading books, classical literature is her favorite.
One of Ginger’s hobbies is creating music playlists ▶️ in which she always makes sure to include some Baroque music. Told you she’s a classic 🧐
Ginger also enjoys watching great movies so if you have any suggestions, write them down in the comments! 📽

Our Support Heroes are always happy to assist you, 24/7, so anytime is a good time to hear from you. 💌
Grab this awesome Coin Treat Ginger made for you 👉 https://r.houseoffuns.com/mobile/redirect.php?deeplink=eyJhYyI6ImdpZnRfY291cG9uIiwiZHQiOnsiZ2MiOiJnY182MmQxMjk0NTkxYjQwIiwiZSI6MTY1ODQ3OTU1NywidCI6MSwidiI6MjAwfSwieCI6IiJ9&hof_s=504&hof_c=2022M7D17_07

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