Feed Me, HoFsters!...

House Of Fun Feed Me, HoFsters!…

Hey everyone, it’s time to unite again 🤝
🆕 HoF Together is on! Collect 🐞🐞🐞 to feed the Beasty Plant and defend your chest!
Remember: The bigger the plant – the bigger the prizes! 🎁

Let’s get some Beetles! Start now with a Crunchy Freebie 💰 https://r.houseoffuns.com/mobile/redirect.php?deeplink=eyJhYyI6ImdpZnRfY291cG9uIiwiZHQiOnsiZ2MiOiJnY182MjUwMDBmOWMxOTBkIiwiZSI6MTY1MDAxNTA5NywidCI6MSwidiI6MjAwfSwieCI6IiJ9&hof_s=504&hof_c=2022M4D9_19


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