Time to get BINGOing, PLUSers!...

Bingo Blitz Time to get BINGOing, PLUSers!…

A NEW WAY TO DAUB has just come out… of Dr. Hoots magical Bingo Lab! ✨

BINGO like never before to catch these Crazy Critters and before things get out of hand! 🤪

This new Seasonal Room is now available only for PLUS, a week before everyone else!

Michelle has all the info you need, so watch her video for an EXTRA GIFT 💝

▶️ https://youtu.be/BdEqLNWuihg

Do you think we’ll be able to catch them all? 💬

Comment with you answer below and grab this treat 🎁


🔊 PS – Try playing this one with the sound on… It’ll be worth it 😉

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