Let’s play “would you rather”, Blitzers!...

Bingo Blitz Let’s play “would you rather”, Blitzers!…

Comment with your answers to the following 5 questions below for the chance to win 500 CREDITS!

Would you rather…

1️⃣ …Level up a tier in the Chef Brigade or advance 100 Levels in BB?

2️⃣ …Play a new Seasonal Room or a new Event?

3️⃣ …Make a Big Special Treat or make it an Epic Special Treat?

4️⃣ …Complete a whole Map Island or collect every Collection Item?

5️⃣ …Play Bonus Rooms or Seasonal Rooms?

Include your ✨BBID✨ to qualify for one of the 5 winners!
Claim: Bingo Bonus 01
Claim: Bingo Bonus 02
Claim: Bingo Bonus 03
Claim: Bingo Bonus 04
Claim: Bingo Bonus 05

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