It’s International Cat Day, Blitzers!...

Bingo Blitz It’s International Cat Day, Blitzers!…

We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share 5 facts that prove our Blitzy is a cat…

For starters, he is known for his tree climbing mastery and has even won FIRST PLACE in competitions!

His habits are very cat-like, giving him the ability and agility to swiftly heighten his vantage point and see top-notch views when he travels 🌴

No matter the height or what life throws at him, Blitzy always lands on his paws! 😼

You’re not going to believe all 5 facts, find the rest here:

Bingo Bonus 01

Bingo Bonus 02

Bingo Bonus 03

Bingo Bonus 04

Bingo Bonus 05

Bingo Bonus 06

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