Bingo Blitz #CrittersChallenge…

We need YOUR HELP, Blitzers! 😼

These Crazy Critters have popped out of our brand-new room and all over our social media…

Before you go BINGO in a whole new way, catch these lil’ guys for a HUGE PRIZE!

Your mission:

1️⃣ Find 5 critters, across our social platforms

2️⃣ Collect a word from each of the hidden critters

3️⃣ Combine the words and answer their question in the comments below to win 🎉

Be sure to add your BBID…

🏆 500 CREDITS goes to the most creative answers!
Claim your Gift: https://bit.ly/3uwleKg
Claim your Gift: https://bit.ly/382I1Wt
Claim your Gift: https://bit.ly/36visgj
Claim your Gift: https://bit.ly/3Dd9tft
Claim your Gift: https://bit.ly/3Niqcmx

Check the comment below for quick links to our accounts 🤪

Don’t forget to check our story, too!

🎁 Good luck gift: https://bit.ly/FBp_250322

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