Bingo Blitz #contest…

It’s Bingo Blitz #contest time, Blitzers!

Complete the following sentence AS MANY TIMES as you want below ⬇️

“The first thing I do when I enter the game is _________” 💬

The last person to comment before replies are turned off will win! 🏆

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Don’t worry, you have a few days 😉

Be sure to include your Bingo Blitz ID in your comment so you can be rewarded 😸

Go, go, GO!

You would expect great storytelling from a game that Bingo Blitz, and their freebies delivers on that front. Taking inspiration from the best of players, bingo blitz sends a contest to people who need credits and coins powerup to the enjoy the game, searching for peace, but more enjoyable on playing Bingo Blitz cards. The game does a great job of make the naturalistic world feel alien while Alan searches for his lost wife, running into any number of damaged people looking to do him harm.
Like any good graphics, bingo takes symbolism seriously, as he uses light to compete the other that literally and figuratively want to win their cards on him. It gets even more interesting when floating words become his enemies. The actual prose you find in the game is proof enough of the quality writing, as is the excellent episodic pacing of how the plot Fun
and thrills and exiting to play. bingo blitz players never sure what coming to show balls of cards, but we knows we loves this game, and that might be enough to see us avoiding stress.

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